Appeal for help

Campaign to ensure survival of Central Station

GearFreaXXX has always held it events in The Underground Club beneath Central Station. This space is unique in nature and important to the fetish community as it allows us to hold the kind of intimate events you love.

While social distancing is required, we have been unable to use this space, and the owners of Central Station have used for non-fetish events to generate much needed revenue for the venue, but rest assured we are in touch with them, and talking to them about the future and coming back when possible.

But, unfortunately, the current lockdown has meant Central Station is facing financial challenges, which means that without our help they may not reopen at all.

If that happens, the community will lose an important venue that will be almost impossible to replace given licensing policies and property prices in London.

So we’re asking you join us in supporting Central Station’s GoFundMe page to ensure their future, that helps ensure the  future of clubs like Feet on Friday, Sneax on Saturday and GearFreaXXX.

Please help if you can. Even if you can’t afford to make a donation, please share on your social media so that we reach as many friends as possible.

Events temporarily suspended due to Coronavirus

Normally every 1st Saturday of the Month

Football Gear, Scally Gear, Sports Gear, Bike Gear, Work Gear, Leather Gear, Rubber Gear.

GearfreaXXX is where the guys are horny and the gear stays on.

A new dress code party from the makers of Feet on Friday and Sneax on Saturday.

About GearfreaXXX

We wanted to create a monthly event for those of us who enjoy dressing in gear and admiring guys in their gear. We had the idea that it should be social and friendly like our Feet on Friday and Sneax on Saturday parties. We want to welcome all gearfetish guys whatever you’re into… and above all we want it to be focused on gear fetish – we were unhappy with many of the parties that pretend to have a gear dress code but seem to be mostly everyday street clothes or naked.


Gear is very diverse – so we’re not going to be prescriptive about about it. The main thing is: make an effort.

Here are some ideas:

Leather – BLUF – Biker – Rubber – Sports – Chav/Scally – Skin – Army – Worker – Cosplay – Lycra – Punk – Uniforms – etc… etc…

It is easier to say what not to wear:

  • Street clothes are definitely missing the point of GearFreaXXX
  • Naked. There are lots of other clubs for that.
  • Taking your top off and wearing a harness is not trying hard enough.
  • Equally just a jock is not going to cut it, however buff you are.
  • Uniforms are OK, but no Nazi stuff including emblems.

If you are not appropriately dressed, you will be asked to leave.

What When & Where ?

We meet on the first Saturday of the Month from 7pm-Midnight at Central Station’s Underground Club.

There will be a changing area where you can change and a cloakroom where will  look after your stuff.

Entry is £8 which includes coat/bag check in the cloakroom.