Next Feet on Friday June 21st at 7pm

Our monthly event for guys who enjoy all aspects of guys’ feet, socks and footwear.

  • Entry on the door is £10, which includes the cloakroom. We prefer electronic payments and can take most credit/debit cards plus Apple Pay / G-Pay
  • Entrance is open from 7pm with last entry at 11pm. We close at midnight.

Feet on Friday is about creating a friendly meeting place for guys to meet guys who enjoy feet, socks, footwear and related things. Feet is just the beginning – there are a whole spectrum of interests: feet, toes, socks, shoes, sneakers, boots, pedicures, boot shine, trampling, tickling and more…

We have a bar area that serves a variety of drinks where you can socialise and chat to others – we keep the music at a volume where you can have a conversation without having to raise your voice.  The organisers try and hang out here so we can welcome you and make sure new visitors are looked after, but we don’t catch everyone so don’t be afraid to come say hello.

The play areas have a variety of seating arrangements and Softfloor carpeted foam tiles on the floor which makes play comfortable and clean. Some areas are more open and some areas more private to cater for those who like to show off and those who don’t.

We ask that you don’t take drinks into the enclosed play areas – they inevitably get knocked or spilled which means the carpeting gets wet which is unpleasant for others and makes a lot of work for us.

Photography and Privacy: In the smartphone age it is impossible to ban cameras without also banning phones… so we simply ask that you do not take photographs or video inside the club without seeking explicit permission first.

Finding Us...

We meet in the Underground Club, which is beneath Central Station, located on the corner of Wharfdale Road and Balfe Street.

The address is 37 Wharfdale Road, London N1 9SD

The entrance to The Underground Club is a separate side door, not via the main bar.