Our Events

7pm-Midnight at Central Station's Underground Club

Feet on Friday is always the 3rd Friday in the month.

Sneax on Saturday occurs when there is a 5th Saturday in the month.

All dates are provisional. In the unlikely event of a change or cancellation, we will use our mailing list to make the announcement – to join up see the bottom of the page.

Sometimes other listings and websites of contain errors. In the event there is a difference between what you see here and what is on another listing or website, the date here is more likely to be correct – please let us know so it can be corrected.

30 April 2022 – Sneax on Saturday

20 May 2022 – Feet on Friday

17 June 2022 – Feet on Friday

15 July 2022 – Feet on Friday

30 July 2022 – Sneax on Saturday

19 August 2022 – Feet on Friday

16 September 2022 – Feet on Friday

21 October 2022 – Feet on Friday

29 October 2022 – Sneax on Saturday

18 November 2022 – Feet on Friday

16 December 2022 – Feet on Friday

31 December 2022 – New Years Eve – No event