Feet on Friday Events in 2017


Feet on Friday is always the 3rd Friday in the month.

We are unable to confirm dates for Saturdays at this point in time, please join our mailing list for the announcement – to join up see the bottom of the page.

Friday 19th January 2018
Friday 16th February 2018
Friday 16th March 2018
Saturday 31st March 2018
Friday 20th April 2018
Friday 18th May 2018
Friday 15th June 2018
Friday 20th July 2018
Friday 17th August 2018
Friday 21st September 2018
Friday 19th October 2018
Friday 16th November 2018
Friday 21st December 2018
What happened to the themes?

This year, we decided to make our parties less specific, however we will still be running promotions from time to time, so do subscribe to our mailing list to get the latest news and info.