Sneax on Saturday

Sneax on Saturday Social Event October 29th

The Underground Club will not be available for our event on Saturday 29th October, but rather than cancel the event totally, we have decided to have a mini social event in The Peacock Room, above the main bar. This means you can still meet sneaker friends for a drink and a chat in a friendly space. Central Station have said we cannot allow “play” in that room (It’s normally a restaurant area), so I need to emphasise that it will be a social event only. Drinks can be bought at the main bar where there’ll be the usual Karaoke event.

The good news is that it will be free entry and we’ll be back to normal for the next Sneax event.

A themed event from Feet on Friday

Sneax on Saturday is the 5th Saturday in the month

Sneax on Saturday is our special themed event, created by popular request.

You can expect the same friendly and playful atmosphere you have come to expect at Feet on Friday, but Sneax on Saturday will operate a dress code of Trainers/Sneakers. 

Sneax on Saturday is for guys who are into guys’ trainers/sneakers, socks and feet. It is not a general cruising club.

The Underground Club (Underneath Central Station) at 37 Wharfdale Road, London N1 9SD

Entry £10 with free cloakroom.

We meet in the Underground Club, which is beneath Central Station, located on the corner of Wharfdale Road and Balfe Street.

The address is 37 Wharfdale Road, London N1 9SD

The entrance to The Underground Club is a separate side door, not via the main bar.